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Having a blank canvas on 4 wheels (or sometimes more) is a tool that needs to be utilised. From the design stage through to completion we will be there every step of the way. Working with manufactures such as 3M, Avery and Arlon to create exciting, vibrant and long life graphics regardless of mileage or conditions.  


FACT - The  average livery works out at £0.06 per day. 


Stage 1- Design

This is perhaps the most important stage of the process. Get this right and your vehicle will be a success. We have an in house design team. Layouts are included in the cost of the vehicle. Logo designs will be billed separately as per our artwork terms. It doesn't matter if we get it right first time or the seventh time, we wont be upping the bill. What we need and are looking for is a happy customer with a vehicle looking exactly as envisioned. 


We have a wide range of special effect vinyl's and in house digital printing  using manufacture genuine inks. We only use a long life vinyl, which due to the high performance adhesive also makes removal very easy and clean.  Be-spoke & template chapter 8 kits can also be added in with peace of mind that we are keeping all safety specs and guidelines in mind for this vehicles particular job.

We have a to scale template for every vehicle, so you don't even have to pop by to get  measured up. This allows the process to be done by email,  however  appointments are still available with our design team.   

FACT- Vinyl does not dull paint, It protects

Stage 2- Application 

Once your design is completed, we will arrange a date for the graphics to be applied. Typically most vehicles are required for half a day, with an morning or afternoon appointment available. Wraps and part wraps are a longer process and may be required for up to 4 working days. We understand the importance of each vehicle and the impact of it being off the road regardless of company size. If we can get it back to you earlier without compromising quality, we will.

At the point of booking a 50% deposit may be required. Before dropping the vehicle off please do not wax or touch in damage areas of paint where vinyl will be applied. Please ensure the vehicle is clean. Please also make staff aware of things such as faulty batterys or central locking. Staff will check the vehicle over for bumps and dents before handover. 

FACT- Your vehicle can be seen by up to 3,000 people...


Stage 3- Completion 

This is a really easy stage. We'll give you a call when your vehicle is ready for collection. If you can't collect during business hours we will arrange outwith to keep things easy and moving forward. All final balances need to be paid on vehicles before they leave the premises. 

Frequently asked questions 

  • Can you clean the vehicle for me?: Yes, but there will be a £30 Charge. 

  • My Vehicle has damaged paint, can we proceed?: If it needs to go to a spray shop, no. When removing the vinyl this could lead to further damage. Vehicles that need to be re-sprayed need up to 3 weeks for the paint to harden before vinyl can be applied. 

  • Can you wrap over rust?: No. Vinyl is porous and untreated rust will result in more rust over time

  • I can't make my appointment, what should i do?: Call the office on 01463 713304 as soon as possible. We try to be easy going, so lets work together to get you booked back in 

  • Can you do the vehicle today?: Unlikely, but if you don't ask you don't get

  • Can you remove vinyl: Yes. If it was done by us a small labour charge will apply. If it was done else where we can not be responsible for any damage found under the vinyl, this includes lacquer peel. Cost is billed per hour. 

  • Will you price match a cheaper quote?: Again if you don't ask you don't get. However you should also check the other quote for word such as monomeric vinyl. This is not suitable for vehicles and is a cost saving method by some. 

  • Do photographs fade and scratch?: No. In short if you have seen that happen else where it is most likely not laminated or 3rd party cheaper inks have been used. 

  • My Vehicle has been in a bump, what do i do?: We keep all completed files on our system and backed up. Lets take a look at the damage and get it repaired. Your insurance company will often cover the cost.